Unnecessary Intrusion of People in School School Uniform Skirt of Japanese Girls

japanese school skirtJapanese school girl uniform was introduced more than a century ago. And there is hardly any difference between uniform of private and public schools today and a hundred years ago. In those schools where it is required to wear uniform girls wear gray or black pleated skirt and white blouse but there are some that has different color and pattern on the school uniform as there are alot of private middle and high school here.

You won’t miss a Japanese school girl at the street due to a couple of reasons. The first one is uniform which is quite remarkable. Another one lies in the “phenomenon” that girls never appear in parks, clubs or in other public places by one. They are always in groups. You can find such short skirt school uniform in Shiiga, Shibuya, Niigata etc.japenese school girlsFurther, Japanese girls are cute and looks more prettier in short skirt school uniform.

Japanese School Uniform, perhaps best in world Un-neccessarily, the world is after school skirts of Japanese girls. Further, the funnier part of this is that people all around the world have been talking and at the same time admiring how awesome and short it is for a normal school girls skirt to be wear like that on public. Japanese school uniform has been consider/ranked as the best uniform designed for students among all the other countries especially the school girl uniform. Because of their skirt length, many people here can easily spot their pantsu ( underwear ). But they are not ashamed on it as they have alot of skill to be able to hide their showing underwear in public.

japanese school skirtHowever there has been news/report that revealed about why their skirt length are made to be short. In actual reality they are not supposed to be mini and It’s not part of the uniform. Many young girls especially in high school, they purposely rolled up their school skirts to make them shorter as many might try to provoke anger among their elders or to try and look more sexy to the opposite sex. However if the skirt isn’t all that long in the beginning it ends up being mini after just a couple of turns. Therefore many people doesn’t think the Japanese high school girls are doing it to be outrageous or brave now though and they certainly aren’t trying to show individuality as too many of them are doing it. It’s more like sheep-style behaviour.

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