Measuring Breasts For Proper Bra Size

girl wearing bra


For best results, measure yourself wearing an unlined or lightly lined bra. Otherwise if your breasts are firm and perfectly shaped you can measure without bra also.

Step 1 : Your Band Size

Using a measuring tape, measure around the ribcage directly under your bust. The tape should rest on the lower band of your bra. Be sure the tape is snug to your body and in level with the front.

Add 5 to this measurement to obtain your band size.
For example, if your ribcage measurement is 29" + (5) = 34" will be your band size. If the resulting band size is an odd number like 33", you can usually go to the next even band size (34"), but you may also want to try the next lower band size (32").

Step 2 : Cup Size

if the difference is:
less than 1 inch =
1 inch =
2 inches =
3 inches =
4 inches =
5 inches =

  AA cup
  A cup
  B cup
  C cup
  D cup
  DD cup

Measure completely around your bust at the fullest point, mostly passing over your nipples. Hold the tape straight and not tight. Your breasts should not be pressed by the tape.

The difference between this measurement and your BAND size is your cup size. Each inch of difference is equal to one cup size. For example, if your band size is 34" and your bust measurement is 35", you wear an "A" cup.

While this method is generally reliable, every woman's figure is different and results may vary slightly. We recommend that you try several sizes and styles to find the fit that works best for you.




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