12 Tips - How to have Safe Casual Sex with Stranger

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If you like casual sex and want to be safe too, find the tips below for a safer casual sex -

1. Do NOT have a one-night stand with a co-worker, cousins' friend, friend’s cousni, ex’s friend, friend’s ex, security guard, postnam, pizza delivery man or anyone else who may come often to your home / place. Do it on vacation, on your business trip, but only if you don’t have someone waiting at home for you. Also take precaution with hotel waiter as he may get your address from hotel register.

2. Make sure your partner is also taking it casual. If you find any indication that he is in mood of a beautiful relationship, abort the mission. It means you and he both should be in a mood to 'do and never see each other again'.

3. Keep your mood and mind light. Don’t talk about family, problems, exes, therapy or love. Also no candle-light. Means do not do anything that can be emotional. Just be casual.

4. Protection is a must. You do not know each other so how can you go for a risk.

5. NEVER, we repeat, never allow a stranger to tie you up.

6. Do not be shy and hesitating. You are not going to meet him again and he does not know you.

7. Enjoying with a younger boy is always great fun. If you like casual sex, try it once. But remember, in this case check laws of your country for minimum age so you do not fall under child molestation.

8. Let your thighs muscles work more! Try you on top. Men like this

9. Do not laugh or make a joke or get annoyed of he 'ends his session' too quick. Remember, with a beautiful girl like you, may result a 'quick end' for him.

10. If he is owner of a "peanut size", do not laugh or smile naughtily looking at it.

11. Call him to your place. But not at your home. Do not go to his place

12. Dress up nice. Wear knee-length skirts which exposes your knees or tiny dress. But do not wear too short dress / skirt as you have to leave your pretty thighs to be shown for later at 'right time'. Wax your legs if necessary.

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